Artwork Featured
  1. American Cancer Society Circle of life
    Recently published in Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine and Chickasaw Women Artisans Featured on the cover of the American Cancer Society Calendar Journal Can be ordered and purchased through or call 1-800-227-2345. Calendar is generic to any calendar year. Great gift!
  2. Chickasaw Women Artisans by Alison Fields
    "Since the Chickasaw Nation began to assert our sovereignty during the later part of the twentieth century, a cultural renaissance has brought our artists into public notice and increase their number, especially among the Chickasaw women. Chickasaw Women Artisans by Alison Fields, an educator and writer of expert depth in art history, introduces readers to twenty artists and craftswomen who are representatives." Mary Ruth Barnes, a Chickasaw citizen, a 2015 Chickasaw Dynamic woman and award winning artist, is one of the twenty women featured in this wonderful book. The book can be ordered at and a trailer of this book is also available.
  3. Ishtunowa; The Journal of the Chickasaw
    Spring of 2015 The Journal of Chickasaw History and Culture; Ishtunowa A journal produced in association with Chickasaw Historical Society A short story, Nanushichi; The Evil Doer, by Mary Ruth Barnes is published on page 62 of this journal, along with a copy of her original acrylic painting, The Evil- Doer. Copies can be purchased at the Chickasaw Press and ordered online at